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The start-up Greenereu launches the Venice Smart Card

Hotels, cafes and cultural places become spaces for working remotely

Venice, December 2023 - Create a network of co-working spaces in Venice capable of welcoming the many freelancers, entrepreneurs and so-called "Smart-Workers", who have chosen the lagoon city to live and work remotely .

It is the idea of the Greenereu start-up and its founder Isabella Mavellia, who officially presented the initiative in recent days with an event at the Hotel Nuovo Teson in Castello, one of the first structures to have joined the network.


The project is developed through the creation of a new loyalty card, the Venice Smart Card, which allows access to an affiliated network of places such as hotels, cafés, offices of associations or foundations in the historic center, in which the "workers of the new millennium" can find everything they need to carry out a professional activity. A campaign for the acquisition of hotel facilities will begin shortly.


“The world of work is changing rapidly, thanks to the spread of new technologies and the renewed needs for flexibility and better work/life balance – underlines Mavellia, originally from Berlin but domiciled in the city for many years, already a protagonist of initiatives entrepreneurial and associative companies such as Venywhere, Venice Urban Lab and “In recent years I have realized that many people have also come to Venice from abroad, choosing to live here and work remotely, especially in the sectors of technology, innovation and sustainability. However, there is a lack of a co-working space suitable to satisfy everyone's needs and capable of bringing people together in a single hub: here is therefore the idea of creating a sort of widespread office, a network of places of different nature, however, they have in common the willingness to host smart workers by providing high-level services. These are welcoming and equipped spaces, suitable for people looking for new points of reference in the city.


Currently more than ten structures are part of the network, distributed in the various districts of the city, but the list is destined to grow in the coming months: “We are already in negotiations with many hotels, museums and other places – adds Mavellia. “I am finding great willingness to dialogue and an interest in opening up to new opportunities. But above all, I would like to proudly say that this project was born from the desire to demonstrate that Venice is a living city, which wants to become the leader of a new model of life, an example of sustainability and innovation on a global level. Just as I chose Venice, many people are doing it and will continue to do so, from all over the world, and this too is a great opportunity, at a time when the issue of residential housing is at the center of the city debate".


All the information to purchase the Venice Smart Card and how to join the project can be found on www.greenereu .com/it and in the official social channels, where the other projects recently launched by the start-up are also described, such as the SMAPS (cultural itineraries for the promotion of Venetian craftsmanship dedicated to individual themes such as perfume, the history of textiles or glass) available both in digital online and in paper format (printed on seaweed paper recycled from the seaweed of the Venice Lagoon) also on sale in the bookshops of the Civic Museums (Fortuny Museum - SMAP del Textile, Museum of Glass in Murano, Perfume Itinerary at the Mocenico Museum).



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