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Eat Well & Live Long

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

The Secret to Italians living so long "Come mangiare sano e bene"

How to eat healthy and properly

Taking the information from the World Health Organization (WHO) a human being needs to eat the following foods and nutrients per day: 2k calories with 150 g of proteins, 100 carbohydrates, and 500 grams of fruits and vegetables per day along with 1,5L of fluids such as water, unsugared tea and fresh pressed fruit juice.

Food should make you feel satiated, energized and happy.

Eating healthy and well is one of the key values of Italian culture. Some regions and towns have specialized over centuries and millennials on producing one specific produce in an artisanal way: Parma is know for Parmesan, San Pellegrino is where the San Pellegrino water streams out of the natural fountains, beans from Norcia and pistachio from Bronte in Sicily. Even so-called Pesce azzurro has important health benefits. Did you know that these places and the produce holds a specific quality certification?

It is no wonder, that Italy has a high number of people living beyond a hundred years. The reasons are still being discussed but it is clear that eating healthy is one important part of life longevity.

Today, we are faced with supermarkets full of mass produced monocultures imported from other continents with genetically modified crops. Is that still healthy? How many properties can food retain after such a journey? Eating a healthy and balanced diet avoiding saturated fats and consuming nutritients-rich foods such as fibers has a positive impact on the quality of life and is crucial when aiming at living long and conceiving as it contributes to the creation of healthy cells which is crucial when choosing to create a family. Especially, high amounts of alcohol intake can have a negative affect on the quality of reproductive function in both male and females. This is especially important when wanting to conceive a baby as the best one can do is undergo a phase of "clean eating" for both men and women before starting to conceive. To eat "clean" and see an effect on the body it takes approximately three months.

Today, the internet provides a unique way to access these amazing, unique excellencies of foods without paying an overly high price on imports thanks to the euro and the United Schengen area which omits any price of taxation of border tolls. The only thing we need is the knowledge about the quality of foods and where to find them.

This article aims at combining newest findings, benefits and resources to access information in a unique way to improve your lifestyle and thus enhance the quality and longevity of life. Furthermore, why not order a yearly load of Norcia beans, Parmesan or pistachio during Black Fridays or as holiday gift instead of some plastic mass fabricated present? When planning your next holiday why not choose to visit one of these destinations to personally get to know these artisans that are still alive? With the links provided you will now be able to do so.

Newest findings have shown, that eating complementary foods to female hormones through the 4 weeks of the monthly cycles can have a positive effect on their health, happiness and well-being. For more information please sign up to our newsletter.

First and foremost

How do you access knowledge about a historic place?

  1. Weekly Farmers Markets

One of the key methods is to go to the weekly farmers markets. Over centuries these were the central locations for trade and commerce. Locals would purchase their weekly goods and plan the meals accordingly. Historically, meat would only be consumed on Sunday feasts.

2. Yearly feasts - Sagras

In the USA thanksgiving is one of the most important festivities of the year. In Italy, every region has a specific thematic feast which is connected to local harvest and production of local specialties these traditional and cultural festivals are called SAGRAS. Imagine your favorite vegetable you may be sure that in some remote random old town the is a festivity connected to it. Such as the “Sagra del Carciofo” or the “Sagra della Zucca”.

The trick is to find them and then allocate your holiday to one of these cultural festivities. I can guarantee you that this will be a trip you will never forget as it is connected to the harvest, abundance of foods and traditional music, fun, wine and dances.

You can research these festivities online or connect to our newsletter to stay updated about events and initiatives.

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