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To the first Virtual Roundtable events by Greener EU, in partnership with BETA Italia! 

We are organizing 3 roundtable events with politicians, experts, and members of the public discussing topics surrounding the European Green Deal, the UN SDGs and Next Generation EU! There will be three events between June and September 2021 on the following topics: 

The New European Bauhaus and Sustainable Cities for the Future 

The Future of Tourism in Europe: How to make Travel more Sustainable after the Pandemic? 

Next Generation EU: Innovation, Digitalization, and Inclusion of Women and Youth in the European Green Deal

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 The New European Bauhaus and Sustainable Cities for the Future 

The New European Bauhaus is a revitalization of the old German Bauhaus from the 1920s. The project was known for its combination of art and design with function and inclusivity. The Bauhaus focused on the democratization of architecture and providing a basic standard of living for everyone. The New Bauhaus is inspired by these values and wants to create an empowering and inclusive approach to sustainable and inclusive European cities. 

In this roundtable, we create a ‘virtual expo’ to give participants the chance to exchange ideas for inclusive cities and sustainable architecture solutions. We want to discover what ‘sustainable cities’ mean to MEPs, experts, and citizens, and how these ideas can be unified in future Europe. We will organize a constructive debate, where we look for possible solutions, foster ideas and create connections. 

For more information on the New European Bauhaus and this event:

The FUTURE Of tourism in europe:
how to make travel more sustainable after the pandemic?

During the Covid19-pandemic, tourism in Europe has been drastically reduced. While the travel sector is one of the most affected sectors by the pandemic, it is also an important ally to create a more sustainable future for Europe. Especially transport has an important impact on climate change and other environmental and social issues. Now vaccinations have started, travel is expected to increase again in the coming months and years. 

During this roundtable, we want to create an international discussion between the travel industry, tourism experts, and politicians in order to discuss how the industry can re-start in a more sustainable way. We will focus on two topics: air and railroad travel, and the power of transformation through tourism of both people and places. The discussion will also include topics like overtourism and staycations. We want to create a constructive discussion on how to make tourism more sustainable and how the European Union can help in this regard. 

For more information on sustainable tourism and this event, click here:

next generation eu:
innovation, digitalization and inclusion of women and youth in the European green deal

Next Generation EU is the recovery instrument proposed by the European Commission in 2020 to tackle the recovery of the European economy after the covid-19 pandemic. The aim of the €750 billion recovery instrument is to create a green and digital transition towards a prosperous and resilient European future. The proposal has been positively received as a strong statement for an innovative, competitive, green and resilient future, but has also been criticized for not doing enough for the most affected and vulnerable social groups: women and youth.

Thanks to efforts by members of the European Parliament, civil lobby groups, and the added link between Next Generation EU and the Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, there is now a requirement for inclusion of women-focused recovery solutions in national recovery plans. Additionally, several measures have been put in place to increase Youth Employment Support, most notably: €22 billion of the Next Generation EU budget is meant to be spend on plans increasing youth employment. This requires member states to be ambitious and to include young and female employees and entrepreneurs in their national recovery plans.

During this event, we will discuss two topics concerning Next Generation EU: First, we will discuss how green and sustainable digitalization and innovation can be boosted by this instrument, especially within the start-up and entrepreneurial world, as well as how digitalization and innovation impact the next generation and the future of Europe. Secondly, we want to discuss how to effectively include women and youth in this recovery project by empowering young, female entrepreneurs. For the discussion, we invite experts from different corners of the European business field, as well as a young, female activist to voice their vision for a green, digital and inclusive Future for the European Union.



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Bringing European Together Association (BETA) - Italia is the Italian branch of the non-profit and young, pan-European association Bringing European Together Association (BETA) – Europe. The main and well-known project of BETA Europe and its branches are the Model European Union (MEU), simulations of the ordinary and legislative process of the European Union. The project is based on the concept of learning by doing and has a lot of supporters around Europe.

BETA Italia in particular not only has its own MEU, but also runs other projects and collaborations (2Date2Debate, BETA in School, Editorial Board, Workshops). Right now, the Italian branch is collaborating with the German start-up GreenerEU 2050 on a slot of roundtables about Sustainability and the Future of Europe. 

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