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Smart card Venice

The World at Your Fingertips


Close to Cultural Identity and local communities we created a series of structural collaborations and partnerships to provide services to incoming people.


The Smart Card enables an easy access to local, ecologic and sustainable offers with discounts, activities and access to hidden gems and sustainable open air office spaces. 


Navigate and explore the City in a constructive way with digitally integrated offers at your fingertips to discover the sustainable side of the City and contribute in your personal way to make the City more liveable for generations to come.


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The Smart Card Venice is the perfect way to access a sustainable life in the city of Venice. With discounts on activities, access to private locations, and a network of professionals, it is the perfect way to explore the city. With smart working spaces, a vibrant community, and access to the city's rich cultural heritage, the Smart Card Venice offers an opportunity to connect with the city and collaborate internationally.


GreenerEU 2050 introduces the Venice Smart Card, enabling professionals access to the hidden gems of Venice and its local partners. With access to kayaking, co-working spaces, high class hotels and events, the Venice Smart Card from GreenerEU 2050 is the perfect choice for an authentic, eco-friendly and sustainable experience.

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Do you frequently find yourself lost in the city and try to see how far you are away from your destination? We made it easy!


With the Hybrid Agenda, the SMAPS and the Venice Smart Card we bring sustainable and smart living together. It is now possibile to work remotely in exclusive locations, join local communities and discover sustainable living.

Download your Smart Card Online and Access the benefits right away! You and receive a printed Card on request after the download.


New Arrivals

Smart Card

Explore the Sustainable Maps for Venice

The SMAPS are thematic interactive maps for Venice. Each route combines a Cultural Theme such as perfume, coffee or fabrics and combines the thematic state museum, the still practicing artisans and the last historic boutiques connected to the theme. A unique way to discover the City with your favorite theme and a great way to support local artisans and valorise cultural heritage to be able to protect it for generations to come. Download now and enjoy the discover! 

Your choices of today mirror our world of tomorrow

greener eu 2050

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