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Do we align with your vision? Does your organisation support sustainable development? Would you like to show your support by becoming an associate partner and potentiate our work? Please click on the link below to sign up and see how you can benefit from sponsoring in our initiatives.

Germinated Plant

We cater to making an impact through sustainable practices on several levels:


as a tourist

At Greener EU we stand for empowerment by helping travellers make informed choices about the impact of their journeys. This is why we came up with holistic educational courses, original material and trusted practices to help you manage your impact:


Receive group or one-on-one instruction prior to travel, to learn the local language, and enhance knowledge about local history, art, and tangible and intangible cultural heritage.


Using digital tools such as maps, events, and e-learning we aim to enrich your travel experience by contributing to local communities and the preservation of their cultural heritage which you travelled to appreciate


Receive guidance tailored to your situation as a traveller: solo, differently-abled, family-friendly 


If you have a specific situation you need help with, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Local Authority


  •  Have our experts create sustainable interactive  itineraries for your local area

  •  Collaborate with us to support traditional artisanal practices

    • Guiding through the digitalisation process,

    • Providing for rising visibility for regional craftsmanship,

    • empowerment of local artisans 

  • Develop practices for sustainably profiting from local cultural heritage

  • Create sustainable events

  • Join our transnational transnational cities network

Contact us to book a free info session at



  • Align your growth and operations with Sustainable Development Goals for a positive ecological, economic, and socio-cultural impact

  • Receive guidance in the digitalisation process for all stages of transition and development

  • Be mentored in successful EU proposal writing

  •  Find collaboration and partnership opportunities

  • Create sustainable events

We would like to offer your project our support, solidarity and partnership! We are open to working on developing alternative ideas, so if you have any in the pipeline, please feel free to share, and we’ll try to contribute and create a sustainable collaboration for all involved!

For more details and collaboration opportunities, send us an email at


Open call for collaborations

Writing EU Proposals? You just won an EU project and need a strong, accountable and dynamic group to delegate work to, count us in!


We are keen on making a difference in anything related to sustainable development, education, violence prevention, peace and democracy. Indeed, it is our conviction that as responsible European citizens in the XXIst century, we should use our skills for the improvement of society, and we view the above areas as crucial to the quality of life for our fellow citizens of today and tomorrow.


  • Communication between partners

  • Support in preparation, implementation, and revision of EU proposals, and

  • Creation of E-learning platforms,

  • and other outputs: 

    • presentations,

    • modules,

    • newsletters,

    • excel sheets,

    • videos, etc. 

  • Language fluency of our staff include: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Croatian, Greek and Russian 

  • Development of Content, Social Media, Social Engagement and Translations

Our strong points lie in organisational skills, linguistic capacities, dynamism, and openness to new ideas, as well as the diversity of personal experiences in our team. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to collaborate.

PIC available on demand.

For more information contact

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do you like what we do? 

You can support our initiatives by making a donation of your choice. Feel free to get in touch with us for further details, or click the donation button and choose the amount you would like to donate. Currently, we are crowdfunding to produce digital maps for sustainable itineraries to increase visibility and appreciation for local cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. 


We are also looking for volunteers and partnerships, so feel free to spread the word about us so we can increase our scope by building new knowledge, and skills partnerships. 


To support us, click the "donation" button. Even a virtual coffee donation would give our team a feeling of appreciation for the hard work. Our communities are the reason why we try to think positively and work hard for the future that we want to see. 


Show us that you care and donate now --> 

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Feeling inspired?

We offer micro-itineraries for sustainable tourism. Would you like to recommend a thematic tour? Please feel free to fill out the following form to contribute to our archive of itineraries.

Your choices of today mirror our world of tomorrow

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