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Manifesto for Sustainable Action


After a series of three conferences on the future of Europe with the patronage of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe’s Cultural Route the Via Romea Germanica, three publications have been officially published. Inspired by the discussions and the research conducted during the events by the organizations GreenerEU 2050 (Social Startup in Berlin) and the youth association BETA Italia (Bringing Europeans Together Association), selected experts from the European Parliament (MEPSs), researchers and professors on the New European Bauhaus, the Green Deal and Sustainable Tourism and Next Generation EU and the inclusion of women and youth in shaping the future of Europe.

The signatures of partners will serve as a base for concrete collaborations and sustainable action.


The Manifesto for Sustainable Action

GreenerEU 2050 calls for the participation of all organizations, policy-makers, businesses, educational organizations, institutions and individuals both men and women to:

(1) preserve and valorize tangible and intangible cultural, historic and artistic heritage, giving visibility to the local identity of communities and their crafts taking for example the micro-cultural routes for the city Venice

(2) create new professional opportunities and economic productivity whilst respecting wildlife and nature

(3) Implement the FARO Convention, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), the counseling of the Venice Commission for humans rights and transnational collaboration and the EU’s Green Deal

(4) to provide all efforts needed to create equal opportunities to both men and women and specifically promote female and cultural entrepreneurship

(5) to make use of technology to enable and facilitate to green and circular economies for all for all generations to come

Signed GreenerEU 2050

to sign the manifesto please write an Email to

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