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The hybrid agenda is in innovative product combining the elegance and quality of an exclusive Favini-paper printed agenda combined with digital QR codes to discover all sustainable locations in Venice. This includes weekly farmers markets, three self-guided thematic maps on Art, Artisanry and Cinema and a list of all film set in Venice.

The agenda has a weekly view and an overview of all administrative and work related theme in Venice and helps especially new arrived residents to settle in and discover the city in an innovative way.

This product is 100% Made & Produced in Venice with ❤️


This innovative project has been invented in 2021 thanks to the support of the first 15 patrons who have contributed to the creation of the agenda through different experiences and preferences in living the city. The patrons have different backgrounds and have co-designed the agenda throughout the year giving interesting tips on what administrative tasks or discoveries they we’re experiencing and wanted to include into the new edition of the agenda. Thanks to the co-design the third edition agenda now has: a rainbow of the local wine types, a short guide also called the “101 of Italian eating” and three folded SMAPS (sustainable maps which can also be purchased singularly both digitally and printed check out our full online shop for more details on the SMAPS or here:

Become a Patron too!

Do you want to co-design next years Venice Hybrid Agenda and come to our exiting annual meeting and get to know new and local Venetians? Become a Patron too!

To become a patron an extra 10€ will be charged. Patrons get the right to decide the contents, receive invitations to special events and co-design the content of the product.

Venice Agenda 2024 (fourth edition)

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