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GreenerEU 2050 Activities

The European Startup GreenerEU 2050 was officially founded in December 2020 here is a short startup profile of our activities

Who are we?

GreenerEU 2050 is a European Startup which aims at creating innovative projects for sustainable development to tackle and ameliorate current cycles.

What do we do?

We are a team of international multilinguals who aim at creating bridges to connect people from different cultures & communities & strengthening bonds between them through cultural heritage and common identity traits.

What is our focus?

Our major focus is on sustainable tourism & digitalization we have created award-winning projects & initiatives that have been set into action and are currently creating new job opportunities for the future without harming the environment.

What are our references?

We have created projects such as the Virtual Roundtable Series in partnership with the Youth Association Bringing European Together (BETA Europe) with the Patronage of the European Parliament to create a bridge between policy-makers & youth associations to speak about the future of Europe.

We have created a project called SMAPS or Micro-cultural Routes for the valorization of cultural heritage through innovative hybrid maps which give visibility and accessibility to hidden locations via QR codes printed on historic maps on recycled paper from the algae of the lagoon of Venice. This project has been implemented in Venice, on the Island of Ischia with the natural thermal springs and in Berlin. The project holds the patronage of the Council of Europe’s Cultural Routes such as the Via Romea Germanica.

- Virtual Roundtable Series

- Micro-Cultural Routes

Presentations of the Micro-Cultural Routes:

  • Film Festival of Venice 2021

  • The Human Safety Net, San Marco Procuratie Vecchie Venice, 2022

  • (upcoming) Ateneo Veneto, May 2023

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