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Curative Tourism

Thermal Springs


Curative Tourism

Originally, the first voyages were endures for healing purposes. Families brought their elders to temples or holy sites hoping to encounter a healer, special potion of curative formulae for health amelioration. Curative tourism mat come in different ways and types nature brings benefits and heals physical, psychological diseases in numerous ways.

The four elements: eath, water, fire, air bring medically proven solitons. Both traditional and innovative means of curative tourism exist. Orthopedic, chronic bronchitis, inflammations are just some of the illnesses that may be treated by thermal spring treatments.

Natural thermal springs exist all around the world from the famous Japan springs to volcanic springs in Italy this article we will explore them in more depth.


Natural thermal springs may come from different origins and have unique individual properties: mineral water springs, sulphuric springs (…) which, sooth, hydrate, lenitive etc

For amelioration both bathing directly in the hot springs as well as doing treatments will it’s fango or inhaling vapour through aereosol may be beneficial.

While being at the thermal springs eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, proteins and keeping hydrated has a positive by-effect to flush out all toxins and stress out of the body both inside and out.

Thermal springs (natural) exist both directly in the wild nature as well as un the al establishments examples of these in Italy are: Abano Terme, Bormio terme, Cesasera Terme, Saturnia Terme, Sirmione Terme, Ischia.

Products deriving from the thermal springs are also beneficial such as thermal water as facial spray, tonic water, creams, serum, etc. such products from there’s are often better than commercial products, because they have natural, non-chemical ingredients.

M.A. Isabella Mavellia

Founder & Coordinator of GreenerEU

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