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Yearly SMAPS+ Subscription: Welcome to SMAPS+! Our yearly subscription service provides hotels with access to a wide range of digital maps across various categories, including film locations, artisanry, cinema, and sustainable tourism. Developed by GreenerEU 2050, SMAPS+ offers comprehensive interactive maps and personalized recommendations to enrich the travel experience. As a subscriber, your hotel will gain access to digital maps highlighting key points of interest in film locations, artisanry, cinema, and responsible travel. These maps are curated to showcase the iconic locations featured in films set in Venice, as well as promote responsible travel practices and support local artisans and cultural landmarks. In addition to these categories, SMAPS+ also includes maps covering artisan workshops, cinema venues, historical and cultural landmarks, and other local attractions. These maps are designed to enhance the experience of both your guests and staff, allowing for seamless navigation and exploration of the surrounding area while contributing to responsible travel initiatives. To activate your subscription and start accessing the digital maps, simply fill out the provided registration form. Thank you for joining us in our commitment to promoting responsible travel and enriching guest experiences with SMAPS+. Best regards, Isabella Mavellia and the GreenerEU 2050 team

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